Top 5 Must Have iPhone Apps in 2018


In 2018, there are many iPhone apps to download and use. Also some basic apps like facebook, twitter etc you are using in daily life.

Here we have shared a list of must have iPhone apps in 2018, which are very useful for you to use in 2018.

Lets have lookk on top must have iPhone Apps for 2018.

Top Must Have iPhone Apps in 2018

1. Google Maps (Free)

You have the official iPhone navigator app “Maps.” But if you want an app that fully delivers, add Google Maps to your list.

Maps has been notorious for causing navigation problems, which none of us have the time or patience to deal with. Let’s put it this way: Even Tim Cook, CEO of Apple basically told everyone to get Google Maps.

Download Google Maps for iPhone

2. Dropbox (Free)

These days, there are a lot of cloud services to pick from, but Dropbox still ranks among one of the best, if only because it works so well on every platform.

Dropbox allows you to save and view your files across multiple devices, including your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet, as long as you have the internet to access them.

Another great cloud service app is Google Drive, if that’s what you’re more familiar with.

Download Dropbox for iPhone

3. Camera+

Want to make the most of your new phone’s camera but don’t want to get too deep into the advanced settings that the Manual app offers?

Camera+ offers a variety of modes that let you tweak pictures and shoot professional looking shots. Among the features of note are a slowed shutter speed, continuous flash and more than 30 filters.

Download Camera+ for iPhone

4. Slice

In today’s mail-order world, there are a lot of packages en route to your home. Slice helps you keep track of what’s on the way and when it’s scheduled to arrive.

More importantly, though, the app monitors products for you, sending push alerts when prices drop or you’re eligible for a refund. It’s the easiest way to find the best deals and keep track of shipments when shopping online.

Download Slice for iPhone

5. Photoshop Lightroom

No matter how good a photographer you are, you’re going to need to edit your pictures — and the iPhone’s basic editing tools aren’t likely to do the job adequately.

Lightroom not only has a plethora of familiar PhotoShop tools, it’s also remarkably fast, thanks to the iPhone 7’s A10 processor — meaning you can spend less time tinkering with your pictures and more time shooting them.

Download Photoshop Lightroom for iPhone

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